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Online Video: Why & Why Not?

CEO and Chairman of Kaltura, Ron Yekutiel, discusses Kaltura's perspective on why video is important, and questions to consider when deciding to use video in your organization. Video is the best…

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The Enterprise Video Revolution: Democratization and Disruption

Oracle's David Boyll discusses how to use video to its full potential within a corporate video sharing platform, as well as how the video revolution has affected the workplace culture. He…

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Instructional Video in Regulated Industries

NNIT's Rune Bergendorff discusses the use of instructional videos for medical devices among healthcare professionals as well as patients. The presentation covers the history of instructional…

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Digital Communications Go Video at Philips

Paul Osgood, head of Internal Communications at Philips, discusses how Philips is using digital communications to increase employee engagement, and how doing so is crucial to a successful enterprise.

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YouCube: Making Workplace Video Work

Jordan Berman of OFC: Office Engagement Network provides insight on trends in at-work media consumption as well as strategies for effective storytelling to re-engage and re-energize employees.

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Video in Ecommerce-Clip

Zappos' Laurie Williams shares insight on how the Zappos website has been using video, the lessons they have learned along the way, and her thoughts on the future of video. Zappos currently uses…

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Oracle: Choosing an Online Video Platform

As a seasoned media professional, David Boyll, Director of Digital Media Technology for Oracle Marketing, shares his insight on what to look for when choosing an online video platform. Boyll…

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SAP: Internal Social Video Portal in Enterprises

In the past, it took days for SAP employees to create a single video. These days, it takes them an average of a few minutes. With over 80,000 employees, SAP uses Kaltura to distribute audio and video…

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Harness Corporate Knowledge With Video

Nina Kelley-Rumpff and Margaret Stoner from SAP illuminate how using video helps large organizations maintain up to date procedures, ensure that employees feel connected to each other and the…

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Thirty-Thousand Words: What's the Value of Video in Large Organizations?

David Boyll from Oracle addresses key questions related to video in organizations such as: If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a video worth? Is there real, measurable business value…

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