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Online Video: Why & Why Not?

CEO and Chairman of Kaltura, Ron Yekutiel, discusses Kaltura's perspective on why video is important, and questions to consider when deciding to use video in your organization. Video is the best…

From  Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura 5 Years ago 1 likes 341 views 0  

The Present and Future of Video in Education

Mark Morsi from Copenhagen Business School presents statistics on video use from before and after Kaltura implementation and also discusses the future of video in education. Before implementation,…

From  Mark Morsi, Copenhagen Business School 5 Years ago 4 likes 174 views 0  

10 Lessons Learned: Making Education Video Engaging

Babson College's Mark Graveline shares 10 lessons Babson has learned along their journey of building capability to produce high-quality video content in-house. Since Kaltura implementation in…

From  Mark Graveline, Babson College 5 Years ago 8 likes 250 views 0  

Building a Foundation for Video Management

University of Michigan's Robert Spalding Newcomb provides an in-depth explanation of the benefits and challenges to implementing Kaltura Video Content Management services. Some of the issues Mr.…

From  Robert Spalding Newcomb, University of Michigan 5 Years ago 2 likes 79 views 0  

Hybrid Media Architecture at Northwestern University

Northwestern University's Bill Parod and Jacob Collins describe a component architecture integrating Kaltura Community Edition Media management, Drupal Collection Management, Solr Discovery, and…

From  Bill Parod & Jacob Collins, Northwestern University 5 Years ago 0 likes 69 views 0  

The Enterprise Video Revolution: Democratization and Disruption

Oracle's David Boyll discusses how to use video to its full potential within a corporate video sharing platform, as well as how the video revolution has affected the workplace culture. He…

From  David Boyll, Oracle 5 Years ago 1 likes 198 views 0  

Enhancing the Student Learning Experience with Kaltura

Mark Stubbs of Manchester Metropolitan University shares ideas on how to use video, specifically Kaltura's technology, to benefit and help engage students. Some of these ideas include reworking…

From  Mark Stubbs, Manchester Metropolitan University 5 Years ago 2 likes 86 views 0  

Kaltura: Video Without the Headaches

Teresa MacKinnon discusses how the Language Centre at University of Warwick delivers language learing opportunities to around 3,000 students a year by using a virtual learning environment. Given…

From  Teresa MacKinnon, University of Warwick 5 Years ago 2 likes 66 views 0  

Two Best Practices in Online Education

Have you struggled to concentrate while watching lecture-videos? How can you make media engaging? Dr. Aravindan Veerasamy of Laureate Education, Inc. explores these questions in this session and…

From  Dr. Aravindan Veerasamy, Laureate Education 5 Years ago 3 likes 238 views 0  

Democratizing Media on Campus

Daryl Labello from Embry-Riddle Aeronatical University discusses the campus's need for a decentralized video streaming solution, how the Kaltura platform provided this, and the process of…

From  Daryl Labello, Embry-Riddle Aeronatical University 5 Years ago 0 likes 22 views 0  

Beyond the "Play" Button: Adding Value to Educational Video

Making your video available online is just the beginning. Infobase Learning's Wendy Collins shows how the Films On Demand educational video platform adds value for its streaming video users by…

From  Wendy Collins, Infobase Learning 5 Years ago 4 likes 100 views 0  

The Multi-tenant Video Platform: Cross-Campus, Above-Campus

Cornell University's Andrew Page examines his own deployment of the Kaltura video platform to show how multi-tenant video platform deployment can create economomies of scale as well as meet the…

From  Andrew Page, Cornell University 5 Years ago 0 likes 96 views 0  

Instructional Video in Regulated Industries

NNIT's Rune Bergendorff discusses the use of instructional videos for medical devices among healthcare professionals as well as patients. The presentation covers the history of instructional…

From  Rune Bergendorff, NNT 5 Years ago 1 likes 131 views 0  

Digital Communications Go Video at Philips

Paul Osgood, head of Internal Communications at Philips, discusses how Philips is using digital communications to increase employee engagement, and how doing so is crucial to a successful enterprise.

From  Paul Osgood, Phillips 5 Years ago 1 likes 187 views 0  

YouCube: Making Workplace Video Work

Jordan Berman of OFC: Office Engagement Network provides insight on trends in at-work media consumption as well as strategies for effective storytelling to re-engage and re-energize employees.

From  Jordan Berman, Office Engagement Network 5 Years ago 1 likes 228 views 0  

Video in Ecommerce-Clip

Zappos' Laurie Williams shares insight on how the Zappos website has been using video, the lessons they have learned along the way, and her thoughts on the future of video. Zappos currently uses…

From  Laurie Williams, Zappos 5 Years ago 0 likes 157 views 0  

Noodle Labs: Future of Educational Video

John Katzman has changed the education market twice - first with The Princeton Review and later with 2U. In this video, Katzman predicts how the $5 billion global education market will be disrupted…

From  John Katzman, Noodle Education 6 Years ago 0 likes 80 views 0  

Oracle: Choosing an Online Video Platform

As a seasoned media professional, David Boyll, Director of Digital Media Technology for Oracle Marketing, shares his insight on what to look for when choosing an online video platform. Boyll…

From  David Boyll, Oracle 6 Years ago 4 likes 121 views 0  

Regis Uni: Captions Enhance EDU Videos

Nicole Croy, e-Learning Technologist at Regis University, discusses how Regis University is using Kaltura and producing original educational content. Much of the content is then transcribed, so that…

From  Tole Khesin, 3Play Media with Nicole Croy, Regis University and 6 Years ago 0 likes 15 views 0  

Cornell Uni: Scaling the Video Infrastructure

Michael Tolomeo, Instructional Media Manager, shares how video usage at Cornell University evolved over time. From transcoding all videos in-house to outsourcing it to Kaltura in order to scale…

From  Michael Tolomeo, Cornell University 6 Years ago 0 likes 25 views 0